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Frequently asked questions

What is Issue 2?
Issue 2 is a law for legalizing the regulation of recreational marijuana for adults aged 21 and above. And this would include the cultivation, processing, purchase, sale, possession, as well as the home growth of cannabis.
What is Ohio Cannabis District used for?
Ohio Cannabis District is an online resource to provide news, insights, community, connections and more! As we grow, and with your input, we look forward to providing experiences that are helpful to you personally and professionally.
How can I help?
You can spread the word, inform people that we exist and are here to help with what will affect us all, regardless of our personal, professional and political positions. Your comments, concerns and criticisms will help us to better serve you and everyone!
What exactly is Ohio Cannabis District?
Think of Ohio Cannabis District as a growing online forum where users and viewers can share information, find related and even alternative sources of information, and more to come!
How many people in Ohio use cannabis?
It has been reported from an annual, National Survey on Drug Use and Health stated that, “…1,235,000 Ohioans ages 18 and older reported using cannabis at least once in the previous 12 months in a survey covering 2015 and 2016. That was a jump of 160,000 Ohio adults over the previous federal survey, which covered 2014 and 2015.”
Can I post to social media about Ohio Cannabis District?
It depends, please check the terms of service. In certain cases, there are social media platforms that do not allow the use of names, topics, items as well as products that are specific, or even related to cannabis and/or marijuana. That is why we have created Ohio Cannabis District to provide a safe space for those that are of legal age, to learn, share and provide perspective on cannabis in and around Ohio.
Does Ohio Cannabis District have a newsletter?
Yes, Ohio Cannabis District has a newsletter. Over time, we will add more content to best reflect your current and future needs. We would be happy to find out what you may want to hear about!

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