It is our goal to connect the cannabis community in and around Ohio.

We noticed that there is not an actual platform for individuals to share and talk about news regarding medical marijuana, cannabis and other things. So we began on this site sometime back and are continuing in its development. Feel free to sign up and use our service. Please let us know what we can do better to serve you. (We are in BETA, and still working on updates, but we look forward to hearing from you! )

The Ohio Cannabis District was created to provide an online platform to provide news, offers and deals related to the legal information related to, though not limited to: medical marijuana, health and fitness and more.

It is here that we too hope to use this site as a forum to provide a means to share ideas and perspectives to educate us from a more open point of view.

Though, we cannot do this without YOU.

That is why, while we may not necessarily agree on certain topics, it is our hope that the respect and patience we provide each other will be used and considered as much as possible.

And with that said, we welcome you to the site. Let us know your thoughts and have a great day! Have fun!