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  • Issue 2 Passes in OHIO!


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    Issue 2 Passes in OHIO!

    During this year, specifically on November 7, 2023, Issue 2 passed to allow Ohioans 21 and over to do the following, which is also an excerpt from Fox19, “AP – Ohio voters passed Issue 2 on Tuesday, legalizing cannabis and recreational marijuana use. Passage of Issue 2 makes Ohio the 24th state to allow adult…

  • PRIVATE-Ohio Cannabis District

    PRIVATE-Ohio Cannabis District

    We appreciate your patience as we have updated our website. In response to the changing cannabis landscape in Ohio, in terms of recreational marijuana, Ohio Cannabis District has been redesigned in response to that. In our efforts to create an area where users can connect, we are providing a tailored space for people in and…

  • Passed Initiatives

    Passed Initiatives

    As of election day, for 2020, the following are states that have passed initiatives concerning cannabis for either medicinal and/or recreational use. Those states were mentioned in a Yahoo article, detailing the following: “Later on Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, Arizona and Montana voted to legalized recreational cannabis, Mississippi voted to legalize medicinal cannabis, and South Dakota became the first state to…