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  • Why YOU Should Join US!

    Why YOU Should Join US!

    Since there are currently no federal laws for cannabis, the majority of mainstream social media networks do not allow marijuana related ads or content. This is the reason that Ohio Cannabis District has been created, so that people can connect, share their thoughts, increase brand awareness and more. While there are no guidelines from mainstream…

  • Issue 2 Passes in OHIO!


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    Issue 2 Passes in OHIO!

    During this year, specifically on November 7, 2023, Issue 2 passed to allow Ohioans 21 and over to do the following, which is also an excerpt from Fox19, “AP – Ohio voters passed Issue 2 on Tuesday, legalizing cannabis and recreational marijuana use. Passage of Issue 2 makes Ohio the 24th state to allow adult…

  • Working with Cannabis Law in Ohio

    Working with Cannabis Law in Ohio

    Today, Columbus City Council is looking into adjusting local laws to try and work in tandem with the passing of Issue 2 in respect to federal law. Some of the points that will be spoken of are related to, though not limited to: It will be interesting to see as to what will be said,…