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  • Ohio’s Issue 2 on Nov 7, 2023


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    Ohio’s Issue 2 on Nov 7, 2023

    Ohio voters have spoken! As of November. 7, 2023, due to a majority passing, Issue 2 was passed. There were 2,226,399 people voted Yes, and 1,666,316 people voted No. And that is 57.19% and 42.81% respectively…when you go to Ballotpedia, there is more information giving details regarding the details of voter turnout, e.g. “Ohio Issue…

  • Passed Initiatives

    Passed Initiatives

    As of election day, for 2020, the following are states that have passed initiatives concerning cannabis for either medicinal and/or recreational use. Those states were mentioned in a Yahoo article, detailing the following: “Later on Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, Arizona and Montana voted to legalized recreational cannabis, Mississippi voted to legalize medicinal cannabis, and South Dakota became the first state to…